My Best Friend is Blue is a family webcomic that looks at the ups and downs of modern life and the mental development of a growing young mind.


After a tragic event at the age of four, little Molly Simmonds creates an imaginary friend called Kiki to help deal with her early introduction to a harsh reality. With her blue friend close to her, she experiences the dreams and nightmares of growing up in modern society.


Molly spends most of her time playing games and looking at life with rose tinted goggles, often making her oblivious to the harsh reality of the outside world. Although she has a loving set of parents, she's very much a daddy's girl; waiting up every night until he comes back to read her a bedtime story. Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and that is when Molly's story truly begins.

A small squat blue bird who only lives within the parameters of Molly's vision and consciousness, Kiki is Molly's closest friend and companion. Given to her by her father, she treasures him because of his wisdom when she needs guidance and his clumsiness when she needs cheering up. These will be traits that Molly will need to rely on time and time again along the story.

A wife and mother, Jenny had a short career in photography until she settled down with her husband Donald. After she had Molly she took to juggling childcare with her artistic passion, whilst her husband works long hours. However the situation will change, and Jenny's life will be turned upside down as a result. Her story will develop along with Molly's, and she'll have her own obstacles to overcome.