Kiki is going to be a major and influential character in the comic as it progresses, but he has also become an official mascot of sorts in other works that I have done over my years as an artist, both professionally and not.
He started off being a character in fun little comics that I used to draw in my mid teens. Not coincidentally I had a pet budgie of the same name around that time. however I started to study fine art in higher education, and my attention shifted to other project ideas, so Kiki became mentally shelved and not used again for a number of years.
When I attended university in Wales, I had several unfortunate events which threw my own outlook on life into turmoil. Art became a good therapy to get through those dark days, and I looked into what I did in the past to help identify myself and understand how far I had come. Kiki suddenly came up, and I started incorporating him into my artwork again.
I studied illustration later on in my university years, and Kiki became something of an anchorage point to help me understand the basics. His goofy personality became a small hit with other students and teachers, and when I was set a self-directed project it was a golden opportunity to bring him more into the spotlight. There is another gallery which highlights that project in better detail. you can shortcut to it by clicking here.
He is still used in some of the artworks that I produce today, and along with images of Molly and the comic he has developed his own sense of appeal within the public eye, sometimes appearing in exhibitions and shows all by himself.