Before My Best Friend is Blue was developed, it started as an illustration project that I worked on during my last term at university. The result was a short story depicting Molly and Kiki trying to find the rabbit hole that led to wonderland. She was obsessed with the story book Alice in Wonderland, so she would dream about finding it, only for her to fail and try again next time. This was the first time I worked a story around the two characters before I developed the concept into something more solid.
As I had the resources on hand during the time, as well as having to exhibit it to the public as part of the course, I was able to publish a limited amount of books along with some promotional artwork to accompany the story. I only have a small handful of copies now, most of them being sold and given away over the years.
please note: due to this project being fairly old and my naivety back then, not all of the pages have been saved in the optimal picture quality. I will spend some time trying to clean up and sharpen these images so that they'll stand out a lot better.